Intellectual Relational Disability Project - Cascina Biblioteca

Accademia Scherma Milano began collaborating, from October 2019, with the Cse Campus of the Cascina Biblioteca Cooperative in Via Casoria, 50 in Milan.

The CSE Campus is a socio-educational day center attended by 30 adults with frailties and intellectual relational disabilities.

The collaboration with Lorenzo Radice, technician and president of the Accademia Scherma Milano, is the result of a project conceived by the CSE Campus team of educators and their coordinator Alessandra Buzzanca with the aim of increasing sports activities within the service and increase listening skills and respect for the rules. 

Thanks to fencing, the "boys" of the CSE learn to concentrate more, to remain calm, to control emotions and to coordinate movements. Another important aspect that emerges from this sporting activity concerns the acquisition of a correct posture of the whole body. Finally, this discipline helps children to respect each other, in comparison with the opponent, thus maintaining the right distance and proximity to the other.

During the fencing course, meetings are also scheduled at the fencing hall of the Accademia Scherma Milano (Isola area), an opportunity for integration and inclusion with athletes with different disabilities and able-bodied athletes.