Olympic Fencing

The fencing is an Olympic sport of opposition which consists of fair fighting between two contenders armed with sword, foil or saber.

Recommended for those who want to approach the fascinating world of fencing. Thanks to physical activity based mainly on games and simple exercises, it allows you to learn the main movements of the fencing. In a short time the student will be able to face his first assaults on the platform. It starts with plastic equipment and protections to switch to official metal equipment.

This course is aimed at athletes who are already part of the world of fencing and allows you to train to be able to face the competitive season according to the calendar of the Italian Fencing Federation. It requires specific preparation which, starting from physical training, with individual lessons in fencing technique and psychology of assaults, will lead the athlete to be able to better manage his competitive activity.

Course dedicated to people of mature age who wish to approach the sport of fencing with the desire to get involved and have fun. It provides targeted gymnastic activity with both group and individual lessons, leading anyone to be able to manage an assault on the platform. The Italian Fencing Federation has its own official competition program dedicated to these athletes classified as Masters.


Valid target in the foil

Foil is a "purely academic" weapon as it has never been a combat weapon on the ground. The foil was born as a "lightened sword" for training, not intended for use in battle and duels, but for exercise in arms rooms where one was accustomed, for effectiveness, to hit the target mortally.


Valid target in the saber

The Saber is the weapon of attack par excellence, very fast and instinctive. The saber historically descends from the weapons used by the knights and cavalry officers who, standing on horseback, hit the foot soldiers especially in the upper part of the body with wide movements, rarely using the point: characteristics preserved in the determination of the target valid also in the modern sports saber.


Valid target in epee

The Epee is the weapon that comes closest to the weapons of the past, as well as being the most representative of the duel on the ground. It is a very complex weapon at "high levels" because its target includes the whole body; it can be hit only at the tip, as in the foil, but there is no convention. The first to touch the opponent wins the point; if one strikes at the same time within a twenty-fifth of a second the point is assigned to both and a "double blow" is obtained.

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