The disciplines practiced in our gym are:


The Tai Chi has ancient origins and is an internal style of Chinese martial arts: it is useful for strengthening the character, the elasticity of tendons and muscles and the improvement of posture. 

The Functional Training is a fitness and wellness general physical strengthening and conditioning program focused on a series of functional movements.

 The Total Body Workout is a very complete training lesson that combines exercise techniques aimed at muscle conditioning, together with the improvement of cardiovascular activity and the overall aesthetic form of the body. 

 The Kettlebell Training combines weight training, cardio vascular activity, coordination and motor development in a single activity.

The Circuit Training is an extremely effective method to achieve quick results in terms of toning, slimming and to improve and maintain shape and physical well-being.

The Antalgic gymnastics is a form of movement characterized by harmonious and measured gestures, mostly aimed at treating, preventing or alleviating any type of muscle or joint pain.

The Personal defense is knowing how to defend yourself and react if you are in a dangerous situation that requires it.


A causa delle misure di contenimento del Corona Virus, le attività di Fitness sono temporaneamente sospese.